Replacing Aluminum Wiring in Red Deer

If your home has been wired with aluminum wires from the 1960’s and 1970’s, it will need to be remediated and changed to copper. Aluminum wiring was considered a cheaper method of wiring a house at those times however it was discovered that it causes a significant fire hazard. Professional electricians can advise on the options for correcting and making your house safe with either a complete rewire of your entire house, or utilizing safe technology and creating a copper “pigtail” in each device location, or installing the correct CO/ALR devices where pigtails are not feasible.

  • Rewire whole house including new panel
  • Change wiring to devices to copper pigtail and upgrade panel with arc fault breakers and change plugs to tamper resistant.
  • Entire house devices will be upgraded

Due to the unpredictable nature of the electrical failures in aluminum wiring, the longer you postpone the repair, the higher the chance of electrical failures. You may even wish to check your insurance coverage as there may be gaps when it comes to aluminum wiring and you don’t even know it. The best time to upgrade your aluminum wiring and devices is now.