Need a Leaky Toilet Repaired?

Wouldn't you rather be out enjoying our beautiful Park City amenities than trying a doubtful DIY fix on your toilet? Red Deer residents have much better things to do than trying to figure out whether the source of their toilet leak is malfunctioning flapper valves or bell valves, loose seals between the tank and the bowl or at the base of the toilet or a leaky cistern.

The Gentlemen Plumbers Red Deer is only a phone call away! Our expert technicians can efficiently pinpoint the source of the leak, repair it and have you on your way to hiking the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary or 3 Mile Bend!

Considering installation of a low-flow or dual flush toilet to save water?

Talk to your Gentlemen Plumbers technician about installing a new toilet.

Need a leaky toilet repaired in Red Deer? Call us at (403) 275-3111 for 24 hour Toilet information, installation, repair and service. Or use the button below to get request a service appointment for your Leaky Toilet Repair.