Garage Renovation or Rewiring in Red Deer

Many people choose to upgrade their garage to include a sub panel for any future electric requirements or to increase resale value of their home. Having a sub panel allows the electrical flexibility to add heaters, additional lighting or even electric car charging in the future. Additionally renovation of the garage will allow the creation of a more specialized work space within. We also offer services to add power and complete the electrical for your detached garage, or even a mother-in-law suite above the garage.

Some items to consider that people choose for their garage

  • Electric Car charging
  • Electric Heat
  • Lighting layout for workspace
  • Additional plugs for increased power usage
  • Power for welder

Entire House, or Multiplex Rewire

Renovation of your home can involve major restructuring of the internal layout of your home and a renovation of your home will increase it’s value especially if done by professionals. Rewiring by professional electricians is crucial to the future safety and success of your remodel. With most drywall removed, access to the studs behind the walls provides an excellent opportunity to fully customize the electrical in your house, including adding or changing the lighting layout within and on the outside. Most of the time when new homes are built, the layout is generic and usually just to minimum code, it’s a great opportunity to add personality to where you live.

Things to consider regarding rewiring of your home

  • Is your home wired in Aluminum?
  • Lighting layout
  • Specialized and updated appliances
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke alarms for your safety
  • Is your home older and does it have knob and tube wiring?

Benefits to rewiring your home

Choosing to renovate your entire house provides an excellent opportunity to update all your electrical to the latest standards. It also provides an opportunity for your home to function more efficiently to reduce the operating costs of your home. Installing new appliances that are of the newest energy efficient models will save you money on your operating costs of your home. If your home is wired in aluminum it will be needed to be changed to copper wiring as aluminum connections are a fire safety hazard. Our team of professional electricians are highly skilled and knowledgeable and will provide you with that expertise in order to complete your rewire to your complete satisfaction. We will also take care of all electrical permits and scheduling inspections.